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And this is how shopping is done

Make it stress-free for yourself and the kid

No kid ever enjoys being dragged into a store to buy groceries or veggies. So how do you turn shopping into a stress free, fun outing? You Kol Kol! No worry of your child running around pulling stuff down from shelves or creating a mess everywhere. No juggling baskets or trolleys while trying to hold your kid’s hand or running behind him. I can’t count the number of times I have been thankful for carrying my kid in a baby carrier.

Make it a fun and learning time

Learning names of fruits and identifying colours at the vegetable and fruit store , while you breeze through shopping for the weekend is fun. At the end of the trip neither of you would be cranky or tired. You will have a great time bonding and learning, with the non stop chatter. From saying hello to all the dogs on the way to and from the store, to dodging traffic and the general weekend chaos around you, you can do it all!

Make it your style statement

Not to forget the shopping options that open up when you wear your kid! All the lovely designs and fabrics of baby carriers are just out there waiting to be brought home and flaunted. Who needs an accessory when you can wear your baby in a stylish way. You can tell yourself it is comfort and fashion combined into one 🙂

Dr TGK Krishna Priya
Uma Bhalerao, mother to 2 boys and a dog, tries to stay sane through the loving madness around her. When she is not babywearing, cloth diapering, breastfeeding or just feeding her children, you will always find knitting needles and a ball of yarn in her hand. She is also a certified babywearing educator.

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