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Babywearing at home

Why should you use your baby carrier at home?

A baby carrier is a saviour when you step out or travel with your baby. But what we’d like to show today is how it can be your best buddy at home too. Read on to reap the benefits of babywearing indoors and enjoy your Kol Kol to the fullest.

For newborns

Newborn snuggles

Newborns love to be held all the time. It comforts them to know that we are with them through every step they take in the outside world, getting to know their new home outside of the womb. A babycarrier mimics the womb in warmth and closeness and provides security. The feeling of a newborn snuggle close to you, laying on your chest and snoozing off listening to your heart beat is one of the most precious moments you’ll ever experience in life.

Peaceful sleep

From newborn period to infancy, a baby goes through periods of sleep regression. This can be a very challenging time for already sleep deprived parents. A baby carrier is a helpful parenting tool to cope with these times. Vaccination days are again hard for the baby and parents. It’s a wonderful tool to calm a baby in pain.

Colic relief

Parents who’ve been through colic and reflux know how testing it is on your patience and stamina. Holding a baby upright can be especially beneficial to ward off crying and to comfort the baby. Your baby carrier can be your best friend to relieve your baby’s discomfort and also save your arms from falling apart. Just remember, this too shall pass!

babywearing at home

For parents

Me time for momma

Birth is a life changing experience for a woman. With a newborn at hand, her health is most often ignored. With a baby carrier, other caretakers can care for the baby, bonding with the newest member of the family while the mother can take some time off to heal her body. She can relax a bit, read a book, sip on something or just catch up on some much needed rest.

Quality time with older child

Having another toddler or preschooler at home with a newborn? You can now give mom guilt a break and spend quality time with your older child too. Strap the baby on, play a board game, help out with a school project, bake a cake or shake a leg. Maximising on the time and multi-tasking for the win!


Household chores wait for none. With a baby in the house, the work load increases manifold making you wonder how a tiny little human can generate so much laundry or make you clean ever so often. Add to it, the woes of a pandemic with no easy availability of hired help. Not to worry, we got you covered! With your baby carrier, you can manage all your chores like a boss cos your hands are free to do whatever you want! Being ergonomic also means a back and shoulder that’ll thank you for keeping them pain free.

Work from home

With Covid situation nowhere close to an end, offices are moving home. The challenges of parents working from home are now more than ever before. A baby carrier can be a lifesaver in situations where you got to focus on your career as well as care for a clingy child. A little bit of help from the baby carrier and you can surely have it all!

babywearing at home

For toddlers

Intellectual nourishment

Toddlers are curious little wonders. They learn by watching and repeating the actions. There is no better place than your back, the best and safe seat in the house where they get an exclusive view of the action as it happens and pick up a skill or two! Teach them gardening, involve them in repairs around the house, let them learn about special ingredients in cooking. The balcony view offers them a chance to ask a million questions and pique their interest.

Emotional development

A toddler, however small in size is big on emotions. Helping them deal with their emotions can be overwhelming for parents as well. To tide through a hard day, trust your partner in parenting, your baby carrier. The very act of holding your slightly grown up baby can be very grounding and soothing. It reassures your baby of your support, no matter what. Didn’t we hear someone say “Toddler cuddles are indeed the best kind of cuddles?”

We hope we’ve given you enough reasons to keep your carriers handy. Show them some love and your Kol Kol can totally be your partner in parenting your little ones, even within the confines of your home ❤️

Happy Kol Koling!

Dr TGK Krishna Priya
Dr Krishna priya is a paediatric dentist and mother two boys, Vishal and Varun. She is a passionate advocate of breast feeding, baby wearing , cloth diapering and baby led weaning. KP believes in being a hands on ‘do everything from scratch’ kind of parent.