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Babywearing in the time of Covid-19 Coronavirus


Baby carrying helps keep babies close and safe at all times and its benefits are immense. However, in unprecedented times such as these, it holds even more relevance. Your Kol Kol baby carrier can function as a safety nest for your child, protecting physically from the germs around thus helping you stay calm and grounded.


Use your Kol Kol to

1.Get your chores done

This pandemic situation has given rise to new challenges in our lives. With no hired help easily available for various reasons, we’ve been adjusting and coping, managing the household and attending to our children’s needs, working from home and online classes for older kids. Your baby carrier can be your best friend in these times, strap on the baby and carry on with your work!

2.Keep your baby away from dirty surfaces

Babies love mouthing things around and rubbing their eyes with those chubby little hands. Carrying them around in a baby carrier can help keep them from touching dirty surfaces around and thus protecting them from germs

3.Keep others from touching your baby

It’s human nature to find babies irresistible to touch and kiss. When you wear baby in a baby carrier, it forms a physical barrier around the baby and keeps those unwelcome touching and kisses away. A hood will also help keep baby’s face covered and unreachable to others.

4.Boost immune system

Easier access to breastfeeding means more availability of antibodies to fight illnesses. It also allows easy, handsfree bottle feeding which other primary caregivers can use to bond with the baby.

5.Keep your stress levels under check

During times of uncertainty and upheaval, it’s natural to be stressed out and babies can sense our anxiety. Having your baby close keeps your cortisol levels under control. The familiar actions of wearing the carrier, the swaying motion of helping a child drift off to sleep, getting some fresh air in the immediate outdoors etc help regulate their body systems and help secrete the feel good hormone oxytocin which helps you stay calmer and more peaceful.

6.Make travelling with children during these times less worrisome

If there’s an unavoidable travel that you’ll have to do, the baby carrier always comes to your rescue. It is lighter, safer than a stroller and helps monitor baby in close contact. Fabric can easily be washed and sanitized. A stroller invites contact from others and track germs into the home.

7.Monitor a sick baby

If your baby does get unwell, Baby wearing helps keep baby close for monitoring, regulate their body temperature and their breathing and pacify them.

Some tips to help you with wearing your baby during Covid times

  1. Try to stay indoors as much as you can as that’s the best way to stay protected. Baby wear and stay handsfree to keep your hands clean, wash, wash, wash….
  2. Try to follow a daily routine to bring some predictability and grounding. Chase the naptime struggles away by using your baby carrier. Dance around, exercise, listen to some music, all of which you can do with your baby right on you!
  3. If you do need to step out for essentials with the baby, keep the baby safe in the carrier and carry a sanitiser along. Don’t touch your carrier too often and remember to wash your hands thoroughly before taking the baby out of the carrier upon returning back home.
  4. If it is possible, try to keep multiple carriers and a carrier exclusively for outdoor usage. Wash the carrier after using it outdoors as per the washing instructions. You may also leave it out in the sun for 4-5 hours to sanitise. Ironing on the fabric area(do not iron the padded areas/webbing) will also help sanitise it.
  5. Practice strict social distancing when outdoors so strangers do not come in close contact with you or your baby. Use the hood to cover up and keep your baby’s face out of reach.
  6. Always wear a face mask ,a simple cloth mask is sufficient if you are not working in places with high crowds or in healthcare.

In Conclusion:

Now that your baby is safely nestled in your baby carrier and your hands are free, hear the experts and follow the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO). Vigilant hand washing is more important than ever. Go wash, carry and wash! This is the new normal!

Stay safe and Happy Kol Koling! ♥️


Dr TGK Krishna Priya
Dr Krishna priya is a paediatric dentist and mother two boys, Vishal and Varun. She is a passionate advocate of breast feeding, baby wearing , cloth diapering and baby led weaning. KP believes in being a hands on ‘do everything from scratch’ kind of parent.