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Kol Kol Family: Why a baby carrier is an essential parenting investment

Discovering the world of baby carriers was life changing

We were introduced to ergonomic baby carriers when our first child was 4 months old and the only regret we have is why didn’t we know about it sooner! Back then, being first time parents, we were apprehensive about stepping out and living our lives the way we did before our son was born. That changed when we started babywearing. Our son would be calm in any environment, nurse in the carrier and sleep when he wanted to. Being out of his home environment did not come in the way of his routine and that gave us the confidence to step out more often and live our lives normally instead of being in constant fear of having a cranky baby at hand. 

Wearing in pregnancy and from day 1

When we found out we were expecting our second child, we knew we would want to wear him in a carrier from day 1 and I am so glad we could! 

Carriers also helped me during my later stage of pregnancy as I could continue carrying my first child right upto the day I delivered my second one. To that I am forever grateful!

Game-changer when you got two to care for

If baby carriers are helpful with one child, it is a totally different ball game with two. Wearing my new born in a carrier gave me the freedom of having my hands free to give my pre-schooler all the attention he needed while taking care of my younger one. 

Travelling with kids is a breeze

In the last 6 years we have travelled intensively with both our children in tow without giving it a second thought. Long flights, travels, sightseeing, family events and even sickness have always been a breeze to handle because cranky child means wear him in a carrier and carry on. To this, I will forever be grateful to babywearing that helped me become the confident parent that I am! 

Life changing decision indeed

If I am asked what is the one thing that helped us a lot in our parenting journey, I will immediately say – it is discovering the world of baby carriers and Kol Kol! It had such a positive impact on our lives that I went ahead to be trained as a babywearing consultant so I could help other parents too! 

Dr TGK Krishna Priya
Uma Bhalerao, mother to 2 boys and a dog, tries to stay sane through the loving madness around her. When she is not babywearing, cloth diapering or breastfeeding or just feeding her children, you will always find knitting needles and a ball of yarn in her hand. She is also a certified babywearing educator.

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