Baby Carrier

What fabric does Kol Kol use?

Only the purest, natural cotton fabric

Kol Kol started with the thought of making baby carriers with light, natural fabrics that will work brilliantly in the hot and humid Indian weather. Baby carriers that are primarily available online and in retail stores were all made from either synthetic fabric or canvas that was too thick, heavy and uncomfortable in our tropical climate.

Our baby carriers enhance closeness and bonding so we only use the best fabrics to hug your precious little babies.

The hunt for the perfect fabric did take us quite a few trial and errors. The fabric had to be cotton, not too thick, not too thin, should get soft with use, but still maintain its form, the weave had to be strong enough to hold babies till atleast 18 to 20 kgs and only had to be dyed with baby safe dyes. We’d set our quality standards high from the beginning as fabrics make up a major part of our carriers.

Ethical weaving supporting local artisans

To maintain consistent quality and unique properties of fabrics used in our baby carriers, we source them from two weaving communities only. Along with having to make our carriers last a long time, we’d wanted our weaving communities to be ethical and provide fair wages to the artisans.

At Kol Kol, we use both handwoven and machine woven 100% cotton fabrics on all our products: baby carriers, drool pads, tote bags and carry all bags. Our face masks are made with 100% handwoven cotton fabric.

Printed fabrics to make it all the more appealing

Along with various weaves, we have also started printing on our handwoven fabrics. Some traditional designs like Elai are handblock printed with natural dyes by Bagru artisans while other fun designs like Galaxy and Roar are digitally printed.

Your trust matters.

When you buy a Kol Kol, you can be rest assured that you’re investing in a state of the art product. Every material that goes into the making of a product is handpicked and tested rigorously for quality and comfort. After all, there is nothing more precious than the time we spend holding our little babies close to us

Bayiravi Mani
Bayiravi Mani, a certified babywearing educator is the founder of Kol Kol. She loves baking, gardening and annoying her son Advait 🙂