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Why Cotton?

Kol Kol uses one of the finest natural fabrics known to man in all its baby carriers and accessories, 100% pure woven cotton. The fabric used by us is especially sourced and dedicatedly woven for the purpose and meets our high quality standards. Here’s why we and a lot of Kol Koling parents love this fabric.


If you love cotton clothes for yourself and your baby, you’d bet on how comfortable this fabric feels against your skin! When it comes to baby carriers, a snug carry is particularly important considering baby’s safety. Cotton fabric has a natural stretch and bounce to it that allows for a super snug carry that still feels roomy when you move about due to the gentle stretch it allows. We can assure you, our fabric is spot on in that department!

Soft and smooth to touch

Cotton is naturally a soft and fluffy fiber. The fabric that’s woven out of the yarn retains this characteristic to a large extent. Depending on the weave, cotton can be woven into luxuriously smooth fabrics that are gentle enough to contact baby’s delicate skin and are soft right out of the box. With age and use, you’d love the softness even more.

#VocalForLocal #SupportLocalArtisans

India, being one of the largest cultivators of cotton, it is a local crop and an important cash crop at that. It is abundantly available and is an important contributor to the agricultural and industrial economy providing livelihood to over 40-50 million people.

Kol Kol’s cotton fabric is woven by talented local artisans and we are proud to be associated with them providing fair wages and helping raise their standards of living.


Cotton fibers have a strong cellular structure which contributes to a tough, wear resistant fabric for long term use. They are easy to wash and maintain at home too. This explains why most often than not, a single Kol Kol is all you’d need for a baby and even better, a gently used Kol Kol can be used in more than one baby! Big savings there, mind you! 


Being in close contact to each other as in a baby carrier can make you sweaty due to the heat exchange between you and your little personal heater aka a baby with a high metabolic rate. The beauty of cotton is that the spaces between the fibers serve as little pockets for this sweat to be absorbed quickly and wicked away from skin.


Lightweight cotton is one of the most breathable fabrics around. Our specially woven fabric allows for easy air flow and creates a natural heat escape system. Now you know why we say #CottonIsCool indeed!


Baby’s skin is delicate and sensitive. Cotton being hypoallergenic is one of the best fabrics to touch your baby’s skin in close contact as it won’t irritate baby’s tender skin.

All-weather friendly

Cotton is great at regulating body temperature as it keeps the body cool and dry in hot summers and serves as a natural insulation during cold winters. When it’s hot, dress light, when it’s cold, dress in layers and peel them/add on as per need. Same Kol Kol works in all weather conditions, just consider it as an additional layer of clothing, easy peasy!

No static cling

No one likes a fabric that sticks to our body awkwardly and that too not a baby carrier! Cotton, being an electrical insulator does not conduct electricity, so you can say goodbye to those awkward static clings when you choose a Kol Kol!


At the end of its life, we’d like a fabric to go back to where it belongs, to nature, enriching it. Cotton is biodegradable and will decompose at the end of its use naturally in contrast to its synthetic counterparts which aren’t biodegradable. Even though we agree every part of Kol Kol may not exactly be biodegradable, the fabric which forms the major portion of it can go back to nature at the end of its cycle and that is important for us as a brand that believes in sustainability .

️When you choose Kol Kol, you just don’t buy a product but a product that cares- for you, your baby and our Mother earth. That’s why, we love what we do!

Happy Kol Koling!

Dr TGK Krishna Priya
Dr Krishna priya is a paediatric dentist and mother two boys, Vishal and Varun. She is a passionate advocate of breast feeding, baby wearing , cloth diapering and baby led weaning. KP believes in being a hands on ‘do everything from scratch’ kind of parent.