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What is the difference between Adjustable & Compact?

Both our baby carriers are equally comfortable, decide on what is important for you.

Watch our video or read the comparison table or take a short quiz to help you decide which Kol Kol to buy.

Comparison Chart

Age 0 to 4 years 4 months to 3 years
Minimum Height 50 cms 65 cms

Baby should have neck control

Weight 3.2 to 20 kg 5 to 18 kg
Includes Neck support &

Lumbar support

Does not need neck support.

Lumbar support can be purchased additionally

Price Rs 6000 onwards Rs 3000 onwards
Carry Positions

Newborn Carry

Front Carry

Front Facing-Out Carry*

*6 to 12 months old for short duration only

Back Carry

Front Carry

Back Carry

Both baby carriers are equally comfortable, decide based on what is important for you.

If it is
1. Budget – then Compact
2. Front facing out position – then Adjustable
3. Baby is less than 65 cms and you want to use immediately – Adjustable
4. Baby is over 12 months – then Compact

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