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Kol Kol Family: No help around with new baby? Get a Kol Kol!

At first sight, babywearing seemed complicated

I was introduced to the world of baby carriers by friends even before I had a baby of my own. While I loved the concept I was always flummoxed by the wrap styled carriers and thought it wasn’t for me.

When I was expecting my daughter I looked more keenly into babywearing options cause it was the only way I felt I could get anything done living in a country where help isn’t readily available. Also, I really don’t like strollers and I also wanted to minimize the baby stuff I buy (more of need basis than a nice to have) . But that’s just me.

I was sold to the idea of Kol Kol Adjustable’s design and ease of wearing

I am digressing, but after a bit of research I landed on Kol Kol’s site and their helpful questionnaire helped pick a baby carrier that’s right for my needs. And what’s best? The Kol Kol Adjustable is made to fit my growing baby. The long term solution the product offered coupled with easy wearing is why I chose Kol Kol over other brands. Since then I wore my baby on walks, grocery runs, vacations, during nap times, while I was on work calls and just as and when she needed her momma but momma had things to do. It’s definitely made a new mom’s life a little less chaotic.

Kol Kol is my favourite gifting option to new parent friends

I’d also like to mention the sweet folks at Kol Kol who’d see my tagged photos on social media and reach out to me if my babywearing technique needed help. There was no judgement, just a ‘try this next time’. I am very appreciative of these tiny, thoughtful gestures during my transition to parenthood. I have since gifted the Adjustable to my new parent friends and they all share my thoughts and seem to love the babywearing experience.

No help around with new baby? Get a Kol Kol!


Shilpa Kothapalli
Shilpa is a full time mom and CRM specialist by profession. She also bakes, dances or cycles the rest of the time.