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  • And this is how shopping is done

    No kid ever enjoys being dragged into a store to buy groceries or veggies. So how do you turn shopping into a stress free, fun outing? You Kol Kol!

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  • Kol Kol Family: Uma

    Being first time parents, we were apprehensive about stepping out and living our lives the way we did before our son was born. That changed when we started babywearing…

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  • What fabric does Kol Kol use?

    Our baby carriers enhance closeness and bonding so we only use the best fabrics to hug your precious little babies.

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  • Kol Kol Family: Krishna Priya

    I was quite unsure whether a baby carrier would really suit me and if I would be put to good use.I understood the magic of babywearing the first time I tried on the baby carrier. My tiny 20 days old boy was snug as a bug and was in la la land in no time.

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  • How to be an eco-friendly family

    Being a sustainable parent needn’t be overwhelming. Inculcating small eco-friendly habits in the family can go a really long way.

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  • Kol Kol Family : Kamana

    Many people asked us “how will I manage two kids under two?”. What they did not know then was that I had already been reading a lot and slowly discovering the world of babywearing

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  • Covid-19 & Pregnancy

    Pavithra is a Microbiologist and a Scientist with a PhD on Coronavirus. She is currently pregnant with her second baby…

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  • Babywearing in the time of Covid-19 Coronavirus

    In these unprecedented times your baby carrier can function as a safety nest for your child, protecting physically from the germs around thus helping you stay calm and grounded.

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  • Benefits of babywearing

    Can you ever hold a baby “too much” and spoil them? Not possible! Actually, touch is very important for brain development in babies.  Studies have found that babies who are held and touched a lot are calmer, have better weight gain and develop faster. Premature babies who get kangaroo care (that is skin to skin …

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