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Kol Kol Family: When motherhood was driving me crazy, Kol Kol saved many a day

I got introduced to babywearing thanks to Social Media

I was introduced to babywearing about 4 years ago when my friend added me to a babywearing group on FB. I had used a couple of carriers before that with my son but they were not ergonomic and also very difficult to wear and most importantly not breathable. I was fascinated by the carriers that people wore in the babywearing group as they looked light and attractive. I wanted to start small and hence bought a ring sling. Both me and my boy loved it and used it extensively during our travels.   It was there that I came across Kol Kol.

What drew me towards Kol Kol was that the models on their website were real life parents just like any of us. No glamour, no pomp and show.

Kol Kol Adjustable was love at first try

Soon, my daughter was born and I tried the Kol Kol Adjustable carrier by chance. Despite the various settings, it was so easy to use compared to the other adjustable carrier that I owned and oh so light! In the meanwhile, I set my eyes on Elai design the moment I saw it. I love ethnic designs and the color was my favourite. Unfortunately, every time I checked the website, it was sold out(naturally!). I was elated when I could finally lay my hands on my dream carrier after a long wait! The Compact stands true to its name and easily fits into a large handbag. Yes, a handbag is all you need, not even a diaper bag! It’s soft, airy and perfect for summers and snug enough for winters as well. I have been using it almost on a daily basis ever since. 

With two under 3, Compact was my saviour

With a toddler and an infant, motherhood was driving me crazy. Babywearing helped me immensely during that phase. Many days when my postpartum body refused to match the energy of my toddler, babywearing him gave me some quiet time and helped me re-energize. I also noticed that my toddler was less cranky whenever I carried him back from school. That gave him a sense of reassurance and undivided bonding time with me. It was almost half a kilometer walk and without my Compact, it would have been impossible for me to carry him otherwise.

My daughter liked to be carried a lot too so babywearing was such a life saver. I used my Compact everyday to put her to bed. It was my constant companion during our evening walks. On several occasions I have taken 4 kids for a walk, alone, all thanks only to babywearing. The carrier has been very comforting for my daughter, so much so that she demands to be carried in it even when she wakes up in the middle of the night.

Kol Koling made traveling with kids easy

My family was not very supportive of babywearing in the initial days. In fact they did not recognise the power of it until my daughter was born. We preferred to travel by train because the kids were too young to sit in the car for more than a few hours. I always wore my daughter while boarding and alighting the train. It felt very safe and comfortable that way. During our trips, apart from carrying her during long walks, babywearing also helped me follow her sleep schedule irrespective of where we were.

Babywearing gave me the joy of travel, of being independent, of being able to soothe my children and most importantly made me enjoy motherhood a little more. A few months from now, most likely my daughter will outgrow the carrier. Then, when the carriers are safely tucked away in the cupboard, what I would miss the most are those cuddles and smiles and the countless moments that we spent with each other. 

Aparna is a stay at home mom of two kids. She worked as a software engineer at Intel, Bangalore for ten years before deciding to be a full time mom. She enjoys doing anything creative during her free time – baking and tailoring being the recent favourites. She is an imperfect zero-waster, trying to live as sustainably as possible.