• Kol Kol Family: When motherhood was driving me crazy, Kol Kol saved many a day

    With a toddler and an infant, motherhood was driving me crazy. Babywearing helped me immensely during that phase. Many days when my postpartum body refused to match the energy of my toddler, babywearing him gave me some quiet time and helped me re-energize. I also noticed that my toddler was less cranky whenever I carried him back from school. That gave him a sense of reassurance and undivided bonding time with me.

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  • Babywearing in Winter

    When there’s a slight nip in the air, a nice, long babywearing walk followed by a mug of hot cocoa/coffee can be super comforting after a long day. When your baby cuddles up close to you feeling toasty warm in the carrier, leaving your heart in a puddle, total bliss, ain’t it? 🙂

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  • Why Cotton?

    Kol Kol uses one of the finest natural fabrics known to man in all its baby carriers and accessories, 100% pure woven cotton. The fabric used by us is especially sourced and dedicatedly woven for the purpose and meets our high quality standards. Here’s why we and a lot of Kol Koling parents love this fabric.

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  • Breastfeeding, is it always easy?

    What’s the first thing that we think when we hear of breastfeeding? Natural? Normal? Good way to bond? Yes, it is all that and more. We always hear only positive adjectives associated with breastfeeding. But is it always easy? Or fun? Or positive?

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  • Safe babywearing

    While there are numerous ways to babywear, traditionally and fantastic baby carriers now available, one primary thing remains a constant – the safety of the baby.

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  • How to be an eco-friendly family

    Being a sustainable parent needn’t be overwhelming. Inculcating small eco-friendly habits in the family can go a really long way.

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